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Over 25 years of Wonder

Comedy Magic

Vince is one of the funniest performers in US! He is one of the few magicians with theatrical and improv training!

Haunted Murder Mysteries

Most Murder Mysteries are not interactive. Vince’s are! Highly interactive and great for team building!

Lecturer & Authority

Vince Wilson is an internationally recognized authority on theatrical magic, storytelling, and many other topics! 

Local Celebrity

Vince has honed his skills on national and local TV for over 25 years!



Step into a realm of enchantment and wonder! Whether you’re orchestrating a birthday bash for cherished friends or curating a grand corporate spectacle, Vince Wilson promises to spellbind and dazzle. Experience magic so mystifying it defies reality, mental feats that leave you questioning the limits of the human mind, uproarious comedy that echoes with laughter, and ingeniously crafted Murder Mysteries that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat! Prepare for a magical journey like no other!

Incredible achievements!

See the Impossible

Vince Wilson has ignited the screens of the Discovery Channel, Destination America, NatGeo, PBS, and the Travel Channel, leaving audiences worldwide in sheer awe! Not just a sensation on screen, he’s resonated through the airwaves of countless podcasts and radio shows, and graced the pages of numerous print media outlets. Wherever he appears, Vince Wilson brings a cascade of excitement, leaving a trail of captivated audiences, waiting for the next magical revelation!

The Magic Circle in London

In 2023 Vince lectured at the prestigious Magic Circle in London

Linking Ring Magazine

Vince appeared in 2022 on the cover of the respected magic magazine – the LINKING ring

Poe Theatre on the Air

In 2021 Vince and other actors won an award for their acting IN this Audio Drama

Edgar Allan Poe Festival

In 2019 Vince performed in front of hundreds at the Internation Edgar Allan Poe Festival and has done so every year since

Inventor and Creator

Since 2010, Vince has created and invented magic for other magicians

World-Class Entertainment

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Vince Wilson

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  • Mentalist
  • Storyteller

About Vince

Vince Wilson has been performing magic, mentalist, and storytelling for over 25 years!


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