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Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of Vince Wilson, a seasoned virtuoso with over 25 years of unparalleled expertise in the captivating realms of Magic, Mentalism, and Séance work. His proficiency doesn’t end there! Vince’s theatrical prowess is matched by his skillful command over improvisational comedy, allowing him to weave magic and humor seamlessly.

But there’s more! Vince is not just a performer; he’s a thought leader, skilled in delivering compelling lectures that captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark. His insights are fortified with a solid background in marketing, ensuring that his presentations are not only informative but also impactful.

Award-Winning Magician

Vince is a member of the Magic Circle in London. In 2023, he lectured and performed at the distinguished club.

Award-Winning Actor

In 2021, Vince performed with Poe Theatre on the Air for an episode that won a national award! 


In Storytelling and Bizarre Magic, Vince is one of the foremost, recognized authorities in the world! 

Recognized In Magic

In September 2022, Vince was featured in The Linking Ring Magazine and appeared on the cover.

Expert Marketer

Not only is he a professional magician, he is a skilled marketer and influencer! 

Vince’s Story

Vince Wilson got his start in Baltimore, MD in the 1990s doing ghost tours, séances, and underground Bizarre Magic. In 2009. Vince moved to Harpers Ferry, WV to open The Haunted Cottage Parlor Theatre. There he continued to do ghost tours, séances, hypnosis, and bizarre magic in addition to seance-based Murder Mystery shows.

In 2014 Vince moved from Harpers Ferry to do more mainstream and open magic in the Mid-Atlantic, although he kept to his storytelling roots with popular shows such as Phantasmagoria (retooled from a show in Baltimore), Faery Tales to Tell in the Dark, and The Paranormalist. Vince has appeared on PBS, The Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, NatGeo, and Destination America as well as all local TV stations in the Baltimore broadcasting area. He has also appeared on numerous podcasts, radio shows, and YouTube videos. In September 2022, Vince appeared on the cover of The Linking Ring Magazine. In May 2023, Vince lectured and performed at the Magic Circle in London and appeared in the Magic Circular later that year.

In 2017 Vince started the Mid-Atlantic’s Premiere storytelling and bizarre magic conference – Poe’s Magic Conference. Initially in Gettysburg, PA, it now takes place in Baltimore, MD.

In 2019 Vince opened Poe’s Magic Theatre in Baltimore. Poe’s is a magic venue that focuses on world-class magic and illusion, with an emphasis on narrative and connecting with audiences. Popular performers who have already performed at Poe’s Theatre include Peter Samelson, Eric Jones, David Parr, Vlad, Ran’D Shine, Alain Nu, and many others.

Vince continues to be a prolific contributor, creator, lecturer, and scriptwriter. He performs regularly in the Mid-Atlantic and on the East Coast but has also performed in Chicago, Los Angeles CA, San Jose CA, the UK, and Italy as well as many other cities in the US.

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Why Vince Wilson?

A major influencer in Bizarre Magic!


– Jeff McBride



Regardless of your level of experience, Vince will guide you in crafting a tailored performance script that aligns with your unique style.


Vince will assist you in honing your distinctiveness, originality, and dynamism in magic. Differentiate yourself and aspire to be at the forefront of innovation in the magical arts.


Vince Wilson will assist you in selecting the most appropriate aesthetic that complements your persona, and he can also connect you with seasoned stylists specializing in the magical arts.

A Path to Success

Vince will help you position yourself for success. Acquire the skills to capture professional photographs, craft compelling biographies, and establish connections with industry professionals who seek magicians for engagements.

Expert Marketer

In addition to being a proficient magician, Vince possesses expertise in marketing and influencing. He will provide guidance on establishing a strong social media presence and developing a strategic marketing campaign to enhance your hiring prospects.


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