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The mysteries often involve events from the past intruding into the present due to supernatural forces. Spirits from the past, wronged in some way, or, perhaps given a new opportunity to wreak havoc, return to help or even hinder the hosts and guests attempts to find clues and solve the mystery at hand!

Magic and Murder Mystery Theater

References to real aspects of Spiritualism and paranormal history will be discussed and intertwined with tales of mysterious occult orders and very human betrayal!


Vince Wilson’s Ghosts and Murder can customize their tours for different occasions, events and even other locations!
We are sure some of our site’s visitors have been to Murder Mystery Theaters before, but not like this! More drama and history then other places and most importantly – you will be in contact with the supernatural and paranormal!


A Titanic Connection

RMS-Titanic-300x199One hundred years ago several suicides and accidental deaths took place that puzzled detectives and the public alike. But were they really suicides? If not, who were responsible for these vicious acts?

RMS Titanic

The guests thought they were there to see a lecture on the Spiritualist Movement, a time when the Spiritualist thought they could talk to the recently departed! Instead, they and their hosts, parapsychologist Vince Wilson himself lead on a spiritual journey into the unknown in order to solve a murder from more than ten decades ago!

Ghost-Hand-249x300When you are there you will have to decide for yourself, what is real and what is illusion?

Guests will be lead from each room to the next in search of clues left by the spirits of the past. Clues to the murderer of a young woman (and perhaps more still!) will be revealed each step of the way until one of the guests is able to look to within for the answer!

Do you have what it takes?

– Look for clues and find all the suspects photos from 1912!
– Commune with the spirit of a murdered young woman!
– Investigate the Séance Parlor and creepy cellar for more evidence!
– All this and more!

Rated PG.

The Return of the Ripper!

Ripper-NewspaperPast life regression and artifacts from the past will finally reveal who Jack the Ripper really was! Look at actual newspaper clippings from 1888 London, reproduction documents and photos from the murder scenes while deciphering a puzzle that has taken more than a century to solve!


In the mid-19th century, England experienced an influx of Irish immigrants, who swelled the populations of England’s major cities, including the East End of London. From 1882, Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe and Tsarist Russia moved into the same area. The civil parish of Whitechapel in London’s East End became increasingly overcrowded. Work and housing conditions worsened, and a significant economic underclass developed. Robbery, violence and alcohol dependency were commonplace, and the endemic poverty drove many women to prostitution. In October 1888, London’s Metropolitan Police Service estimated that there were 1200 prostitutes and about 62 brothels in Whitechapel. The economic problems were accompanied by a steady rise in social tensions. Between 1886 and 1889, frequent demonstrations, such as that of 13 November 1887, led to police intervention and further public unrest. Racism, crime, social disturbance, and real deprivation fed public perceptions that Whitechapel was a notorious den of immorality. In 1888, such perceptions were strengthened when a series of vicious and grotesque murders attributed to “Jack the Ripper” received unprecedented coverage in the media.

Ripper-SuspectJoin Parapsychologist and Ripperologist Vince Wilson as he uses real CSI type skills to find a historic killer before he gets you! When things start going wrong, you can’t call 911. How the police help you against the supernatural! A story straight From Hell!
Rated R.

At the Mountains of Madness!

At_the_Mountains_of_Madness-200x300When one thinks of classic horror, you probably think of Edgar Allan Poe. Throw the word “weird” in there and you have H.P. Lovecraft!

The so-called “Cthulhu Mythos” created by Lovecraft have been adopted into many sci-fi and horror stories over the years. Hints of it can be found in the works of Stephen King and Clive Barker. The Hellboy comics and films have also borrowed heavily from Lovecraft. So- detailed, rich and enthralling are these “histories” of the “Old Ones” that some have gone as far as to speculate – are these stories really just fiction? If not, if indeed they are part of our reality, what does that mean for the future of mankind?

At the Mountains of Madness

Artic-JournalA scientific expedition to Antarctica composed of a party of scholars from Miskatonic University, led by Geologist William Dyer, and discovered fantastic and horrific ruins and a dangerous secret beyond a range of mountains higher than the Himalayas. The group that discovered and crossed the mountains found the remains of fourteen ancient life forms; completely unknown to science and unidentifiable as either plants or animals. Six of the specimens are badly damaged and the others uncannily pristine. Their highly-evolved features are problematic: their stratum location puts them at a point on the geologic time scale much too early for such features to have naturally evolved yet. Because of their resemblance to creatures of myth mentioned in the Necronomicon, they are dubbed the “Elder Things”.

None but Dyer and a graduate student (who was driven insane) survive. Professor Dyer concludes that the Elder Things and their civilization were destroyed by the creatures they created and that this entity has sustained itself on the enormous penguins since eons past. He begs the planners of the next proposed Antarctic expedition to stay away from things that should not be loosed on this Earth.

Decades later, arcane scholar Vince Wilson has come across artifacts from Professor Dyer’s failed expedition. He plans on demonstrating to the guests present that he can travel via astral projection to the lost city in the Antarctic and bring something back with him! Is he insane? If not, will anyone survive this night?

Join Parapsychologist Vince Wilson he tries to reign in an ancient terror from beyond time and space!
Rated PG-13

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